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Have a New Kid By Friday
I updated my venting post in the general area. But we tried "monday" - say it and walk away.....short version - she did everything she normally did, we did not give in, no yelling, no nothing....i got a HUGE hug at bed time. This morning, same thing....she did her normal "i'm gonna lag to make you guys mad".....we didn't give into it....needless to say, she was 10 minutes early to school and yet another BIG/HUGE hug.....let's see how "tuesday" goes....

Thanks for listening guys...I know I sound horrid on these boards sometimes.
(01-20-2009, 09:22 PM)Glenda Wrote: Send her to her room.

Read the book all the way through. Keep an open mind.

No means no. "Because I said so" is a valid explanation.

But I will reiterate, that if your BF is not behind this 100% it doesn't matter what you do. He'll unintentionally undo what you are trying to do and your SD knows this.

I have been dealing with this situation for about 12 years now and I guess I could say on most days it does drive me crazy..... my DH always talks things out with SK and I am not that kind of is no cuz I said so and he like to talk about it not a good think so our parenting types are totals different... any suggestions HELP!!!!! Anyway kids are getting older so it's just different stuff ... It's like there are 2 sides now which is not good for anyone Input please.....Sad:

The strategies in the book work on dogs and husbands, too.

My DH used to want to "reason" with SS...hahahahahaha...what he got in return was SS "yessing" him to death in hopes he'd shut up.

Natural consequenses work so much better than "lectures" or "reason."
Just dusting my copy down for my SDs arrival on Monday!

thanks guys .... I'm ganna go for some therapy soon .... but in the mine time think I will get that book....... any addition info.would be GREAT....
Truely trying,

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