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What do some of the abbreviations mean?
I finally found it! YAY! Some of these had me PIMP hahah Needed this chuckle this morning.
ok, I have searched and I can't find this one. SFB, I have seen it a few times.
Thanks for the abbv. clarifications!!!!
(01-21-2011, 11:45 PM)Me2He3 Wrote: This one is mine for DH's youngest daughter.....SFB stands for Sh!t-For-Brains!

I have been searching and searching for this one! LMAO! Now THAT'S a good one!!!
Honeybee - I, too, thought DH meant divorced husband! Smile

SMof4 - Thanks for the list! I'm a newbie and it's so very helpful!!
Okay what's PTA?

I thought it was Parent Teacher Association, but in the context it's been used, that's definitely not the case. I'm guessing something about Parental Time..... ? Help! Thx!
PTA= Princess Trantum Alot

Real Mrs P's name for her SD
Bouncing this to the top.

Cathryn - maybe this should be pinned to stay on the first page?
This was terrific - I had figured out many of them from context but some of them OSS, OSD, YSS, YSD etc were still escaping me....


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