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Dealing w/ Teens?-Free Summit-My Interview 3/17
Hi Ladies,
On March 17th, I'm going to share the Stepmom’s perspective on a tele- summit designed to help anyone dealing with teenagers. Please check this out if you and your partner ever experience stress over conflicting child-rearing strategies.
Teresa Bruce, founder of For the Love of Teenagers has assembled a group of experts who talk about all things “teenager” on a FREE—Yes! FREE Online Series about how we can connect, communicate well and raise thriving adults. She has asked me to participate. Yahoo! It runs from March 11-20th. Once you sign up, you’ll get a confirmation email and then beginning on March 11th, she will send you a link to two interviews/day. You’ll have 72 hours to watch or listen to them. She’s also going to offer you a package to purchase the batch of interviews—more on that when you get her welcome email.  
Our interview topic is “Turn Power Struggles into Compassionate Connections” and will be aired on Sunday, March 17th (St Patrick’s Day). In a conversational format, she’ll be asking me questions about how to recognize power struggles with the teens in your life (or with your partner) and then how to dismantle them and create more empowering connections. I will also be addressing a couple of Stepmom-specific questions that Teresa hears from her clients.
To Reserve Your Spot On This FREE Series Now!
If you’ve got teenagers in your life, please sign up and see what wisdom you can gather.  Please pass this along to anyone in your world who’s looking for new ways to improve their connection with the teenagers they love. 
This will be my first Summit and I’m excited to be included.
Kind Regards to you all, Cathryn
Here’s a message from Teresa about her information-filled summit—March 11-20th
This show is packed with experts talking about how brain chemistry can affect how our kids function (and us too), how to talk to your kids about sex, and the number 1 proven thing that increases self-esteem as well as much more!
Have you been wondering where your sweet kid(s) went? Are each of them confusing in their own way leaving you with a big dose of parent guilt because it seems their brain has been hijacked? Are you bald from pulling your hair out? If you answered yes to any of those questions I have a huge treat for you!
We’ll tell you exactly how we found a better understanding of our teens!
  • Discover what might be upsetting your kids.

  • Feel excited about a better relationships with them and others.

  • Get the real secret to what’s behind all the bad behavior, anger and poor self image.

  • Win amazing free gifts from many of the speakers!
Just follow the link below to reserve your spot before they’re gone.
Register here for this inspirational and educational FREE summit. Take the first step towards a better relationship with your teenagers!
To the future!
Teresa Bruce
Host of the Summit 
Founder of
P.S. Sign up now. Remember, It’s all FREE!

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