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User Name Question
I have been on here for a while and am a little afraid BM will locate me. I really didn't think when I made my username because it's a nickname the kids call me. Is there a way to change it?

Hi Smore84 and other SMOMS,

There may be a few ways to change your user name (Screen name) and one way is to email or private message me and I will change it for you. The password will stay the same and your old posts will have a new name. If you do not want your old posts to show your new screen name, then you will have to delete them.

You can also private message anyone on the BB who you want to know about your new name. This allows you to make yourself known without making a general BB announcement.

Chuck may know other ways and perhaps he will have time to chime in, but I will help you, if you let me know. I'm around this weekend, so hope to hear from you so we can take care of this ASAP.

Best Wishes, Cathryn

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