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Cathryn's reading list (10.21.11)
Hi, actually I did write most of a book in 2005. Thanks to a sister SMOM I even had an agent and she found a few publishers interested enough in the proposal to have me write a few chapters so she could give them a better sample to evaluate. It was an exciting time for me.

Stuff happened the eve of sending the partial manuscript ton the interested publishers.

I chose to not do the book and broken few chapter sections into smommentaries.
I chose my marriage and my DH's relationship over pursuing that project.
It was crushing but we believed that stress that bio-mom threatened if I did publish would have been too much to recover from. Right or wrong it's what I chose.

Fast forward to 2011.

I've just completed my notes (6 inches of handwritten notebook paper) for a new book and plan to start writing it this coming week. No kidding! This time being a stepmom is only part of the book, these past 15 years were the circumstances that drove me to look very deep inside myself for answers and well-being. I hope to finish in 6-8 months. I'll keep you posted. Some of what I've shared here since my return will be incorporated in the story's bigger picture.

Thanks for asking. :-) Cathryn

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