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Private board?
Is there any way that this board could become password protected? (For example, like stepchicks?) My FDH knew I was posting on here, and one day ended up reading all my posts - so now I really don't feel comfortable talking about anything on here, and I like all the ladies so much. Sad Anyway - it would be great if that were a possibility!
Would be nice, but I look at it like this: if someone were snooping and wanted to know my true feelings, then that's their problem if they don't like what they found. With that in mind, I always try to post in a way that if people I know were to read them, then I wouldn't be ashamed or embarrssed.

Its like having a diary. I'm putting my thoughts and feelings in a private place, and shame on anyone who wants to invade my privacy and damage my trust.

Long response over.
Hi, We've been worrying/thinking about this topic since we started the BB in 2002. It keeps coming down to the issue that if someone wants to get on the BB, they have the ability to fool us by lying on their registration form. We've talked about all kinds of ways to keep people "safe" and we keep coming back to the issue of anonymity being the answer. A couple of SMOMS who are attorneys keep telling us this is also the safest way to share our stories. That is important to us as well.

Dragynflies, you ask a good question and I wish I had a better answer. One option, which is used more than you may think, is to choose another screen name and then PM the smoms you've become close to and let them know your new name. The PM (Private message) never leaves our BB and IS password protected so should be a secure way to gain a new identity and some privacy for yourself. I sure understand that you would want it. Changing your screen name isn't ideal yet it is one way for you to start over. So...what do you think of that option?

Wish we had better news for you. We'll keep looking for better options. Sincerely, Cathryn
Is it possible to have the option for SMOMs go be anon when posting or registering on this site? However, if they choose to PM someone, then they would HAVE to provide a screenname.

There are pros and cons to annonymity. Pro, obviously being security and peace of mind for those SMOMs who need it. Con is that anons tend to be a little bit more harsh in their responses I find on other sites.

Granted there is protocol on here but I hope a solution can be found.
Hi GingerC, Please tell me more about your question. I don't quite understand it.
You can be completely anonymous when posting on the BB by choosing a name that is not yours. I'm not sure if Ginger is your real name or not but you can pick anything you like. You can change it also, under UseCP (which stands for user control panel.

I didn't realize that when we sent PM's to each other they didn't have the sender's screen name. Please tell me more so that I can talk to Chuck about what you'd like to see.

I agree that the down side of Anonymity is that people will often say things/write things that they wouldn't otherwise say/write/do. I've experienced that a lot on this site so I know what you mean about that.

Please tell me more and we will talk about it. Cathryn
I know. that is why i don't get on at home. hopefully my work won't block this site. i don't want my DH to get on and see things i say. this is my private place to vent and gripe about him and the skids AND my bioson. Things i don't necessarily want him to read.

What you can do is to log off the site each time you are done. or uncheck the remember me. He would still see that you went to the site, but i don't think he can see the posts. Not sure though. I just stay off when i am at home. sometimes i check in on my phone, but not often.
Hi Mack73, Did you check out the new Forum app? I think Chuck posted about it (I'm out of town with limited access to web this week. It is a wonderful way to check on your phone. You may want to check it out. Cathryn

PS Sorry if this is old news. Hope it is helpful.
Well, even when not signed in, if they can figure out your screen name (& Dragonflies FDH already knows hers) then they will still be able to see what you have posted.

Is there a way to have that private? Like you can only look at the boards if you're a member?

Of course there'll still be the issue that they can lie to become a member, but maybe the stalkers won't want to go that far if it seems less like a "public" board?
thanks cathryn, i didn't see that. Ill check it out.

And momx4 you are right, if my DH were to ever look around this site, he would know my screen name and password for sure.

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