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Single Girls Guide to Marrying Him, His Ex-Wive and his kids
This book is a perfect security document. I bought a second one incase I frd a new stepmom and I can gift it on...
I loved this book! It was the first book I read before I married my DH. It was my favorite out of all of them. I read or almost completed Step-Coupling as well.
Just bought it! It should be coming in the mail tomorrow! SO EXCITED Big Grin
This book clicked with everything I had experienced over the past 3 years. I just wish I had found it sooner (like the first 6 months) because it would have helped a lot with my expectations. Two thumbs up!
I am currently in the middle of reading this book! I got it a few months ago when I was pretty much at my wits end with the whole blended family issues... GREAT READ!! Smile
Leaving work to go pick up a copy! Can't wait to start reading it - I hope it enables me to understand some things a bit better. Smile
can't wait to read this!!! i've been searching for some good reading material to help myself... just bought it for my nook and i'll be reading it in a few minutes!!! thanks for the suggestion!!!
I read this book in one sitting last night. It was great, so funny and charming. It seems like so much surrounding stepfamilies is gloom and doom and this book is a little more real. Not sugar coating anything, but showing positive sides of stepmothering as well as practical solutions to typical issues.

I loved the archetypical BM list. Mine is the Idolized Mom in Absentia. Also I loved "Dad and Stephanie's Household Rules." I find that clear expectations relieve a lot of tension and problems in my house. I'm thinking of drawing up a list of rules like this. The section on money was super helpful, too. Thank god my husband doesn't pay alimony or child support since we have full custody.

What I got out of this book was the same thing that I got from discovering this forum- just knowing that other people deal with the same BS that I do helps so much, even though I've been doing okay by myself for a long time and will continue to be okay, life is better when I know that I share burdens with other bio-moms and Smoms.

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