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SMOMS Poems by sister SMOMS
The SMOM Storm, By Daisymae
Written November, 2015

The SMOM Storm
I wrote this today, as it's how I've been feeling... maybe you do too?

It just never ends...

The cycle of up and down
back and forth
the forces beyond our control
beat upon us like waves on jagged rocks
We try to hold our heads up
We tread to keep from drowning
Treading water doesn't move you though
Therefore you're never gaining
The cycle for being ripped and torn
Every each way
Wears you down, down, down,
day after day
We tell ourselves, it's for the best
We hold on the the reasons
The reasons we dove into this angry mean ocean
We are strong
We are smart
We can handle the wave and the wind and the rain
There is so much good to do this for
Mus-int let our reasons drown
Just as we will
Unless we learn to swim
But swimming is so hard
Against the massive waves
Enraging Winds
and Torrential Rain
We search and seek a safe haven
Where our hearts and minds can heal
But there is always one more thing to hold
One more thing to handle
Back into the waves we go
Trying to make sense of all this scramble
We thrash!
We cry!
We scream!
We sigh!
All the while we feel the fight is futile
But giving up is not an option,
Our family is on the line...
The wicked witch and cast her spells
but goodness always wins
We hold fast to this thought
This fleeting hope with all our might
Though it might exhaust us
We will make it through the night
Tomorrow is another day
Will we dive back in
Struggle through another day?
Or will we choose to run and hide
To keep our psyche safe?
Such is the plight of we step moms
We chose to battle each and every day
We do it for the love that is returned
Once the storms have rolled away
We fight the storms and ragging waters
For the prize that we can see
The love we give and love we get
We dive into dangerous dark places
deep inside our hearts
facing fears
and holding spears
In conditions we knew not
There is always this other woman
Who created kids, not us
Who had our partners love
before we came around
Who dictates the storms around us
Drives into us like a bus
We are strong
We are resilient
But even we can get worn down
So for those we've chosen as a partner in life
remember the storm you've brought with you
In many forms
Custody Schedules
This with regular relationship blights
We dove into this life with you
Remember to hold us
Remember to show us
Just how much our plight means to you
Don't forget the constant storm that swirls around a Smom
She faces this each and everyday
For you, her love.
She dives in,
yet again.
Each day hoping for forward motion
Each day making one stroke  
Further than the day before
She cuts Into the cycle,
That she intends to end...

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