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Cathryn's reading list (10.21.11)
Hi, There are lots of good books on this forum. I'm not going to repeat all the books we've talked about or are covered here. I want to add some new ones as they come up in the BB posts.

I'll update this list as we go along! Take a look at the other threads, lots of good ideas here. Thanks to everyone who's suggested a title.

Books that may support your process:

If you think you have a Narcissistic skid or bio-mom read, "The Wizard of Oz and other Narcisissists" by Eleanor Payson.

If you think you may have been raised by one or more narcissistic parents read, "Trapped in a Mirror" by Elan Golomb

If you are looking for super insights and practical suggestions for dealing with your teenagers (Skids or bio-kids), read, "Get out of my life but first could you take me and Cheryl to the Mall!" by Anthony Wolf. UK Version uses different name and he goes by Tony Wolf)

If you liked "The Four Agreements" (one of the SMOMS best ever books) and you want to improve your relationship with DH read, "The mastery of Love" by Don Miguel Ruiz. Bunny may write a better review for you if she gets a chance.

If you are interested in getting to the bottom of your present pain, grief, anger, shame, feeling left out, neglected and other deep feelings read, "The Drama of the Gifted Child" by Dr. Alice Miller.

If you find yourself becoming more like your parents (and not in all the good ways) when you are interacting with your own kids or skids, read, "The Drama of the Gifted Child" and/or "For their own Good" or any other book by Dr. Alice Miller.

If you are realizing that childhood shame is impacting your life read, "Healing the Shame that binds us" by John Bradshaw


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