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A Career Girls Guide to Becoming a Stepmom
I loved this book! Going from no prior experience around children to 3 stepkids all under the age of 6 was a HUGE transition for me. I'm also a very career oriented person, with a full time job and a masters degree. My career has been my whole life until this point. This book really helps juggle between the two and its written in such a way that professional women can understand. I highly recommend, especially the chapter about finances!!

The book is also how I got the referral to this website. yay Smile
Sweet! Let me know what you think! Smile
I have read three stepmommy books so far: The Single Girls Guide to Marrying a Man, His Kids, & His Ex-Wife, Stepmonster, and A Career Girl's Guide to Becoming a Stepmom (though I'm not quite through A Career Girl's). While I have liked all three and have found useful information in all of them, I think this one is the most practical. It's very clear on what the issues are and what YOU can do about them. It's given me so many things to think about, that I find myself having to go through it slowly just to make sure I'm absorbing it all.

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