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What's this section all about? - Cathryn Bond Doyle - 07-25-2014

One of the things I hear others say about what makes unique, is that we're all about finding ways to learn from ever upsetting thing that our life as a stepmom brings to us.  That can be a LOT of learning!

All you have to do to be able to read and reply to all the forums is register with an anonymous username (not your real name), password and email for notices. In a day or two, you will get a welcome email from me and then you can read hundreds of threads of SMOMS working on their issues, supporting each other and looking for ways to reclaim their power so they can be happier and stay close to their partners.

In order to give you a sample of what it's like to work with me and others, I grab be a couple of threads that I thought might be interesting.  I will make a point to update these samples, but I believe you will get a feel for our work here.

Joining as a Guest member is Free for 30+ days.
If you want to write, reply, ask for and offer support and ideas after that, you need to become a paid Member.  You can join for 3-months or a pay for a Lifetime Membership.  Details about the two memberships, and the way to join, is on the home page under, "Become a Member."

See if what we're doing feels like the right thing for you at this time.
Wishing you well, Cathryn