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Books for FDH?? - FindingMyWayInWI - 08-31-2012

So tonight I am going to be getting Stepmonster and The Wizard of Oz and Other Narcissists... Just from the Narcissists excerpts I've read I see that BM and older skids are filling that role so hopefully FDH and I will find that helpful as well as Stepmonster. But what I am wondering is if anyone has come across books for our FDH's that give a realistic view (like Stepmonster) is said to do that can help him deal with a) his divorce dad guilt causing him the inability to stand his ground with skids because he's afraid they won't come see him and b) helping him see how to provide a healthy relationship for skids to balance the toxic relationship their BM provides.

I feel for DH's as so many books out there are for Mom's dealing with difficult XH's and unhealthy co-parenting but so few are written for them men it seems.

RE: Books for FDH?? - Losing my mind - 09-05-2012

Wish I could help! My husband read Stepmonster & learned quite a bit from that. He said he realized some things he was doing (even though I had mentioned them in the past!) and what they were contributing to the situation. Good luck on finding something & update us if you do!

RE: Books for FDH?? - Elphaba - 04-27-2013

Cool! I've been contemplating asking my FDH to read stepmonster but wasn't sure - I'm going to go for it. If you find anything else can you post it here? :-)