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Full Version: These Forum closing on 9/30/19-more to come
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Hello all,  Due to a LOT of circumstances, I have decided to close these forums on Sept. 30th. 

Until then you can use the search feature and print out any threads you want to save--thanks to the updated version there's finally an option at the bottom left of the threads about a printable version. 

While it's the end of 17 years of free peer support forums for Stepmoms on a mission on MyBB forums, it is not the end of my support for Stepmoms seeking solutions.  In the coming months I will be introducing a Podcast series, starting an official blog and will be offering on-line courses (starting with Transforming Resentment) that will be offered as an independent-study or Q & A supported workshop (2 versions). 

My new webmaster and I are researching other community platforms so that I can continue to provide a safe, anonymous place for Stepmoms to share, support and be supported by other SMOMS. In the coming weeks, you'll be getting an email about all of this and, due to new regulations, you'll be asked to sign up again to get information going forward.  All the SMOMS who are Lifetime members will be grandfathered into any fee-based community (A promise is a promise.)

If it feels right to you to join us in any way, please do.  It's been almost 20 years of these forums. I'm grateful we've had this space together.  Going forward, this new generation of Stepmoms looking for support, have a lot more options.

While I'm excited to create more content and support in new ways, I also feel some grief about ending this particular form of connection. I'm using this emotional energy to create, create, create. Lots more ahead. 

Thanks for all of those thousands of SMOMS who've been part of this journey.  Warm Wishes to you all, Cathryn

PS  If you have any questions, I'm happy to reply here and will keep an eye out for them. CBD