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Full Version: A ritual to Remember the Love between you & your Partner
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Hi Ladies,
Here's something you can do that can make connecting with your beloved easier when there's stress and just to add more fun when either of you is looking to be sweet. It came up in a PM conversation so I thought I'd share it in case anyone the mood. 

Get 2 index cards.
Write across the top of one, Here are 10 things "your name" can do to make "Husband's name" feel loved.

On top of the other one write, Here are 10 things "Hubby's name" can do to make "your name" feel loved.

Down the left side, write the numbers, 1-10

On the card with the 10 things your hubby can do to make you feel loved, write in 10 daily, simple, fun, sexy, romantic silly things that your hubby can do that will, as the title says, make you feel loved. Think about it so that you can be sure, if your hubby does any of these things, it will bring a smile to you, warm your heart or just make you feel closer to him.

Come up behind me and kiss my neck
call me Mrs. (your hubby's surname,"
make the bed while I'm in the shower
fix me coffee or draw me a bath
take out the trash
dip me and kiss me passionately
reminisce about our honeymoon
take me on a date
send me a real card
text me during the day..for no reason

You get the point and there are literally thousands of things you can write. The key is to write what means something to YOU!

When the time is right (be sure and use your intuition here) present the idea to your sweetheart with your card filled in and the blank one for him. (By showing him your list, he will see the kinds of things you wrote and NOT be afraid of doing it wrong.) After he fills it out and you've looked at it, make the agreement to do something from the list whenever either of you thinks the other needs it, feels stressed or you feel disconnected from each other. It's a lovely way to bring yourselves closer.

This can be a powerful tool if you both agree to receive the gesture as loving, even if there's some tension between you. Why? Because sometimes guys just don't know what to do. If they KNOW they can be sure that doing anything on the list will be received as loving, it gives them a plan, when they don't know what else to do? Make sense?

Had lots and lots of success with this over the years. My husband and I often give each other new cards on our anniversary or Valentine's Day, whenever we think of it. What's on your list?

Wishing you lots of delight with this ritual, Cathryn

Copyright 2011, Cathryn Bond Doyle

This is brilliant. I love it!

I already get one thing that would be on my list...

Mostly every morning, I wake up to coffee already made. DH sets it up to brew right before I get up, regardless of whether he plans on leaving before it finishes or not. What a guy. 

Nice idea, I think I'll have to try it…

I love this idea!!!

This idea is so cool! I think Bunny Man will take to it much more favorably than the cue cards--for whatever reason he didn't like that one, lol! But this sounds so sweet--I think it will be great! thanks! bunny

This is great!! I'm definitely going to try it!!