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Full Version: Goddesses In Everywoman
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This is a wonderful book that artfully reveals all sides of a woman. Written by a Jungian Feminist, Greek mythological goddesses are revealed as different archetypes and introduced as one voice of many that may reside in a woman. I found this book so moving, so eye opening. It helped me in so many ways. It reviews strengths and weaknesses of each archetype and how to strengthen an archetype which may be needed to balance others out that may not be working for you in your life.
1) I was able to feel compassion for BM by seeing what archetypes were driving her behavior. The archetypes allowed me to be detached in my observations of BM many times.
2) I could identify that I did have a mom gene and she was in fact being impacted negatively - I understood this after learning about Demeter, the greek goddess of motherhood and when she lost her daughter, sunk into a depression that silently affected all those around her...crops failed, people could not eat and died...that is what happened to me when my SD would reject me, my efforts to nurture her, etc. I would lose interest in eating, I would shut down and this would effect my relationship with my DH. My solution...spoken on SMOMS as detaching...I understood more fully I needed to remove myself from playing the role of mother to SD.
3) Seeing all the different sides of myself, I think I can see the shadowsides so they don't haunt me and doing this has eliminated alot of fear, guilt and shame I was having related to stepfamily issues.