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Full Version: Mama Gena's School of Womanly Arts
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I bring this book to the forum because it has changed my life. When I first began reading it, it gave me such hope and that really shifted my decision to get married. This book is about women, for women, on women's gifts, birthright, etc. It is a book that helps you understand your true power and how to stand in it - the divine feminine. All while having fun instead of staunchly sacred. It's basis is that a woman is designed to experience and reach for pleasure in her life (and how to do that, support that process) and in doing so honors herself and her highest good as well as the best for others around her.

Helped me embrace self-care while having skids, knowing it was healthy for me, giving me tools to keep this attitude in my life. We call it the pink bible. I did go on to the Mastery and became a certified SisterGoddess. I believe I would be in a black hole of depression if it were not for this content. How does it go? ...The teacher appears when the pupil is ready.