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Full Version: The Righteous Mind by Jonathan Haidt
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Hi all, This is a fascinating book and the best part of it is explained in a terrific interview of the author on the Bill Moyers Show. Just aired tonight, for the second time. Each time I list to it, I learn something more about people and how we think, feel, etc.

The gist of the book and the video clip linked below is explaining why liberals and conservatives BOTH need to wake up to how their beliefs are interfering with the solving of problems so we can put our efforts to the solutions instead of demonizing (his word) each other.

He seems like a bright star in the sky of human nature.

I think I'm giving you the link below. In case it doesn't work on your computer, go to Bill moyers site and look for the Jonathan Haidt (pronounced like- height) show. Really interesting and very non-partisan. It's not about politics, it's about how both sides can see each other in a new way to bring the best of both to the table. Check out the show and if you like it, the book.