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Full Version: not a book, but a movie about SMOMS
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The Other Woman with Natalie Portman has some insight to being a smom, and rather accurate depiction of some BM behaviors and the battle to relate to skids and the issues between smoms and DHs.
You have some valid points about her characters' emotional and behavioral flaws, but I can't really count her out b/c of that/ The mistress thing yes, but her emotional instability no. I have issues relating to my SS and I can see how she'd react that way. He is an innocent kid, but to someone who is not good with kids (like me), it is not strange that her interaction with him would be strained. SOmetimes it's hard for me to not want to screech about BM, especially when she's late for pickups and ruins MY plans, b/c I have no connection to SS except through DH it seems unfair that some horrible person from DHs past gets to affect MY life. So I agree and disagree about your comments. Sigh, I guess it depends on your own experience, how you'd interpret Natalie Portman's character.