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Full Version: Please order from Amazon via our site Link!
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Hi ladies, One new way, we can earn some money for the site is to get to your amazon account via the link in the upper left corner of each forum page. We've haven't even earned $15 yet, but if SMOMS order via Amazon we get a couple of % points of the sale.

That could add up over time and help defray some of the cost for running the site. It will not increase the cost of your purchase. If that works for you, I'd appreciate it, Cathryn
Hi Cathryn

I would do this with pleasure (I use Amazon several times a year) - but I use the site. Does this also work for you through through the UK Amazon site? Or is it only through is much cheaper for me than

FDH has and amazon account, so I passed on the info, told him to come here first and click the link. :0)
Hi Megs, Excellent question.
I'll copy and send to Chuck so he can check that out.
I'm not sure about that.

Smomintraining, thanks for that. if it is bookmarked than it is a quick, no hassle alternative way to get to your amazon account.

Appreciate it. I have to find some ways to pay for this site, my mortgage (since I closed down my consulting practice when my husband got sick) and most importantly, find a way to pay for all the things Chuck and I want to do for the site. Very exciting ideas and I'll share in the new year. Please tell you FDH to buy tons of stuff. LOL

Thanks Again.
Megs, I'll get back to you.