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Full Version: Single Girls Guide to Marrying Him, His Ex-Wive and his kids
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This book is fantastic.

I am new to the SMOM roll and I needed some understanding on my new life. :-)

The book is witty and entertaining. I read it in bed at night to my Honey so we can discuss the issues it brings up.

I highly recommend this book for people who are new to step parenting.


I'll definitely get this book! A little bit of humour is what I need at this point in my life where I almost all the time, TAKE THIS PERSONALLY AND SERIOUSLY... Thanks!
Just wanted to say that I read this book a few months before I married DH, and loved it. The humor is one of the things that makes it great. I second the recommendation.


I just got the book in the mail 2 days ago and I love it! There's never a paragraph where I laugh, i enjoy the humor so much, in fact the other night I was reading it and my husband was wondering why I was laughing, so I talked about some of what i've read so far... He was surprised to learn about some of the issues like the "mommy club" he thought is was hilarious but I told him I too feel that kind of alienation sometimes... then he just said " Awwww" and hugged me...
I just got this book yesterday! I love it so far! I was actually laughing out loud because soo humorous!


I read this book 2 weeks after meeting the kids for the first time. I thought, whether this goes well or not, I had better be prepared. It helped a lot. Mostly, it helped me get around myself. Good one! It was much better than the other book I picked up- some flowery thing about being a step-mom and how special it is. Didn't say one thing about how to be real.
I just finished this book and it was great! It made me laugh, it made me cry and most importantly it made me appreciate my husband SO much!

Can I get an Amen for the supportive husbands in our lives?!?!?!?!?
Loved this book. Helped me a lot.

By the way my BMOM is the psycho one. Lucky me!
I love this book! When I got it from I couldn't put it down. I read it in just a few days after receiving it. I would be laughing out loud while reading it. It's a must buy for any SMOM in Training!
LOL! Mine read it and then tried to throw back at me one time when I was fed up with BM that I'd married the BMs, kids and all. Loved that book when I could throw back at him that it was HIS job to keep her in her place which was OUTSIDE our relationship. Excellent and hell funny book!

Read a couple of others that were very 'holier than thou' and acted like smoms should be saints...a calling not suited to my temperament! Bring on the real people and their wicked senses of humour
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