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Hi Ladies, The following is a letter I got after spending several hours talking, debating and brainstorming with Joe Goldberg about how his serves could possibly help stepmoms & their families whenever s hostile bio-mom is trying to alienate the skids from their Dad. From time time with him, I believe him to be a dedicated passionate person committed to stopping the horrific impact on families. I've copied his letter, which has some links to his super resourceful website and serves, many of which are free for the asking. Check it out, if it feels right for you, Cathryn

Hi Cathryn,

I want to thank you for the work you do to help so many families and express my heart felt sorrow for the personal suffering you and your family have experienced in going through the problems of parental alienation. You certainly deserve to be lauded for your continued effort.

What I wanted to do today is send you the links to both my websites. I certainly took into consideration your advise to be sensitive to the viewpoint of your viewers and I appreciate the way you helped me to respect the sensitivites of your members. All of your questions were
great questions and your perspective and understanding of these complex issues certainly did shine through with me.

I thank you for giving me an opportunity to provide some resources to your members ( all of which are free ) and I will take the time to share my input ( for your consideration ) on these links below.

The first hyperlink that takes you to the landing page of the CSPAS Referral Service Center.

Although we are a Canadian based organization the referral services are provided all over the USA and Canada. If any parent or professional is in need of a MENTAL HEALTH PROFESSIONAL ( whether for the purposes of counseling or for an evaluation ), all anyone needs to do is fill out the form and upon receiving it we will contact the individual and pre-screen what the needs may be for that individual. For example, we will ask the person questions like:
Where do you live ?
What type of help do you need ?
Do you need individual counseling, conjoint counseling, family counseling or a psychological evaluation ?

We talk to every person and take the time to try and offer some advise on how to best help them. Once we know more of the details then we can make the referral. There is no fee for the referral and no fee for the consultation.

In addition to providing a referral to mental health professional, we can also help provide a referral to a family law lawyer and or to a family mediator.

The professionals that are a part of the CSPAS Referral Service Network are qualified to be of assistance in these cases because they have met the standard requirements of the CSPAS for inclusion. The requirement is that the professional must either take the CSPAS CE Course on Parental Alienation or attend educational conferences hosted by the CSPAS. The professionals affiliated with the CSPAS Referral Service Center make no payments of any kind to the CSPAS to be included in its network and the CSPAS receives no fees for payments from its affiliaftes.

If you post a link to the CSPAS Referral Service Center it would be helpful to explain this to your viewer / members.

The second hyperlink to my consulting practice is to Goldberg & Associates.
Click here: Goldberg & Associates - Parental Alienation Consultant

The landing page takes your members to the page that contains a radio interview that is very informative and it incorporates a number of audio tape clips from previous CSPAS Conferences.
If you have not listened to this radio interview I would encourage you to do so. I believe that it will be very informative to your members. ( I have another radio interview of me on my Homepage with the Canadian Broadcasting Company and my article also appears on the Homepage ). In
my way of thinking your members will find a lot of valuable content of this website.

Please share more of your thoughts with me when time permits.

With Kind Regards,
Joseph Goldberg
CEO, Goldberg & Associates
Tel: 905-481-0367
Founder of The Canadian Symposium
for Parental Alienation Syndrome
Tel: 647-476-3170

Joe just did an interview with a woman who works with stepfamilies. He thought we might want to hear from him in the context of stepfamilies. I haven't listened to it yet and plan to this weekend. CBD

Radio Program I just did yesterday.
Joe Goldberg

PS from Cathryn: PS I forgot to mention something very important about Joe's work and his beliefs...he believes that when a hostile bio-mom tries to keep her kids from having a loving relationship with their stepmom, that that can be equally harmful to the kids and he now has a greater appreciation of how painful it can be for stepmoms. Just wanted you to know that he considers stepmoms also in the role of parenting. CBD
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