Happy 15th Anniversary to Stepmoms on a Mission® (SMOMS®)!

Supporting & Empowering Stepmoms since 2000.​

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PS: "You're NOT crazy or over-sensitive!​
Being a stepmom can be hard, shocking to our senses; sometimes overwhelming!​​
Welcome to a place where kindness, compassion, creativity & the goal of self-empowerment rule!"
Cathryn Bond Doyle, Founder​

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Learn About SMOMS® Founder Cathryn Bond Doyle
SMOMS® stands for Stepmoms On a Mission®. Led by Stepmom Teacher & Mentor Cathryn Bond Doyle, SMOMS® is dedicated to supporting women in the challenging role of stepmom. Whether married or not, you can be a SMOM if you're looking for new insights & skills for handling stressful situations. Finding ways to honor your needs, stay connected to your partner & find your power are primary goals for Stepmoms on a Mission. 
Stepmoms on a Mission®
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